Welcome to Astro Solartech, Inc.

Posted by System Administrator on October 01, 2011   

   Astro Solartech, Inc., Astro Solartech, was officially founded in 2008 after two years of careful and intense preparation. Now, Astro Solartech is ready to become a leader in developing and implementing Renewable Energy Technologies Worldwide and even more confident about its mission: "Renewable energy renews your future".

   Any professional and any type of investor can not ignore that the topic: Source of Energy is becoming a common concern in any conversation as the Global Warming shows signs of worsening. The world needs to decrease its dependence on crude oil.

   This crossroad creates an increasing opportunity to all crude oil substitutes and clean energy technologies. Astro Solartech is focused primarily on solar energy because it is readily available, infinite, and inexhaustible. Additionally, intense research is promising that solar energy production costs will reach grid parity (the ability to compete with crude oil energy generation costs) in a very near future.

   Astro Solartech firmly believes that saving energy and reducing/eliminating pollutants is more than a good ideal but a responsibility that should be demanded from everyone. Astro Solartech is investing in locations where solar power is suitable, and supporting public and large utility organizations in designing and implementing solar technologies.